My name is Aboubacar Drame, an experienced web developer in washington, dc. Throughout the years, I have implemented many solutions related to the information technology (IT). I will briefly explain some of them to give you an idea.

Responsive design

Nowaday, just having a website for desktop is not enough. The site must be mobile responsive for iphones, endroids, ipads and tablets. Using tweeter boostraps, media query or other technics including javascript or jquery, I made many websites mobile friendly


We might be interested on different metrics from the website or a sent marketing email such as: How many visits the webpage is getting? where the page is being visited? How many times, the .pdf files are being downloaded? How many times, a links is being clicked? These are a few questions that can be answered by implementing a tracking technic. I will demonstrate how to accomplish this goal by using a mixte of the following tools: google analytics, google tag manager, googleDoubleClick, facebook and linkedin pixels tracker technologies

Email marketing

In my previous role as a marketing email specialist I train, compile, test and send out emails using different email marketing platforms inluding Lyris, Salesforce (exact target) and HubSpot. Just sending marketing emails to prospects without tracking some metrics for analysis is not enough. We could be looking for who opened the emails or clicked a link. Having a tracking system in place is essential for the success of any marketing campaign.

My Goal in this site

I would like to demonstrate here some of the technics that i used to solve the need of my customers. I will provide examples if necessary.